Ultraflow Manual Cartridge Applicator

Ultraflow Manual Cartridge Applicator

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Get guaranteed professional results every time with the Ultraflow Manual 310ml Cartridge Applicator.   

Customer Benefits;

  • Accommodates high load requirements with ease
  • Copes easily with high forces
  • Helps securely position and retain the cartridge
  • Increases corrosion resistance
  • Gives you long worry free performance

Product Advantages;

  • Epoxy coated aluminium handle
  • Anodized steel rotating frame
  • Built in cartridge support straps
  • Curved rod end
  • Hardened and metal plated parts


Weight - 0.90kg / 1.34lbs

Frame Length - 243mm / 9.57in

Maximum Thrust - 4.5kN

Frame Material - Anodized Steel

Tool Component Approvals: REACH

Mechanical Advantage Ratio - (25:1)

Viscosity - Medium/High

Standard Color - Blue/Black

Nozzle Dimension - ø26mm / 1.02in