Why try to secure supplies of silicone?

silicone shortage UK

The fenestration trade is rapidly adapting to elevated levels of demand, supply-chain issues and rising prices. The latest product affected is silicone.  If supplies run low, those installers who still rely on silicone could find their fitting work on hold.  While not wanting to dismiss the problems this could cause, we still question why, when there are superb alternatives, so many installers are desperately trying to secure silicone supplies.  

Although these installers might not be familiar with hybrid MS polymer-based sealants, the learning curve will be simple to navigate. Often these materials are easier to work with and deliver better performance. They’re not new products, but proven over time, and if a shortage of silicone leads installers to discover a better product, we say that’s a good thing.

Choosing an alternative product makes more sense than panic buying huge stocks of silicone, tying up cash and creating the problem of where to store all the cartridges. Instead of being at the mercy of complex, global supply chains, fretting about whether you’ll get your silicone, source an MS Polymer sealant produced in the UK. Simply place a weekly order for the quantities you need. It’s a balanced, sensible and sustainable approach.

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