What is an MS Polymer?

what is an MS polymer?

We’re not expecting you to Google it, or even dig out your school chemistry books, but a little bit of know-how is always handy, especially when you want the best products for the job you’re doing.

MS is short for Modified Silane, and if knowing that doesn’t help, don’t worry. Developed in Japan back in the seventies, it’s a base resin used in sealants, coatings and adhesives. Once combined with other ingredients, the hybrid product is known by all sorts of names including MS Polymers, Silyl-Terminated Polyether, SMP, STP and even tri polymer sealants. Again, we don’t expect you to remember all the names, but it’s worth remembering what makes MS polymer products so useful.

The hybrid products combine all the things you like about silicone with a couple of very important extras: it’s strong and you can paint it – even with water-based paints. For jobs like fitting skirting boards, architraves or mirrors, the hybrids are brilliant. They have the inherent strength, the all-important grab and allow you to get a superb finish. What’s more, because the hybrids will readily bond to glass, metals, ceramics and some plastics, you won’t waste time sanding the surfaces or prepping with primers.

MS polymer products are solvent and isocyanate free. They boast excellent shelf life. Ambient temperatures can vary without having a major impact on their viscosity and once in place, they stand up well to the rigours of harsh climates.

If you can’t remember all those names we mentioned earlier, just remember ‘hybrid’ or ‘MS’ and, of course, remember the benefits. 

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