What are the best hybrid sealants on the UK market?

There are a wide range of hybrid sealants on the UK market for the Construction and Industrial applications. You may be looking for an alternative product to your current product, or maybe you just want to know what else is out there that you can choose from. Gludog distributes the Formoa range of sealants, but we are aware that there are a wide range of our competitors products too.  

These include the following list; 

  • CT1 – Marketed by C-TEC and can be found in many builder's merchants in the UK & Ireland. 
  • EB25 – Manufactured by a company called Everbuild, for the Construction Industry. This product can be found in DIY stores such as B&Q.  
  • Sticks Like Sh*t – Manufactured by Bostik who a large global organisation. Sticks Like Sh*t can also be found in many DIY merchants throughout the UK.  
  • OB1 – A more recent brand to have emerged in the Builders Merchants across the UK and further afield.  
  • Soudal Fixall – This is a range of sealants developed for the Construction industry and can be found in various Merchants, including Roofing Merchants across the UK.  
  • Hippo – An established brand offering a wide range of colours as well as some different packaging formats (400ml sausage pack).  
  • SIKA 522 - Sika is a global manufacturer of concrete additives, roofing materials and adhesives. They're range of STP sealants can be used in a number of industries.

To find out how you can achieve a good smooth finish with a hybrid sealant, see this article here; How to create a good smooth finish with an MS Polymer.

Most sealant tools available on the market today are designed for use with silicones. To make a silicone smoothing tool work for an MS polymer you would need to use an industrial degreaser or solvent. 

The Gludog sealing tools work by ‘Cutting’ the sealant rather than trying to ‘squeegee’ a high viscosity sealant adhesive leaving behind the perfect smooth surface without compromising critical ingredients.